Chronic during corona: Resisting offence and being an example of life well lived

More than once this week I’ve been annoyed by comments from people around me about my health or the decisions we have made as a family to try and protect me from Covid-19. Being quite reserved by nature, I rarely shoot from the hip, which I’ve discovered is a helpful thing. It hurts, but unleashing my full wrath only makes it worse in my experience.

I’ve harped on about not lashing out or resenting loved ones when they say things or act insensitively. Now more than ever before we need to keep calm and respond constructively. If someone misunderstands, I need to find the confidence to explain myself. In this febrile climate, it is more true than ever that it is so hard to see life from another’s perspective. It’s hard to imagine how it feels being more ‘vulnerable’ to this virus unless you know what it is like to live in an unreliable, self-destructive shell.

There has been some understandable resentment expressed at people’s reactions to losing social lives and luxuries. But we have a headstart on this one. I’m used to missing out on day trips, being at higher risk of developing further illness and making the best of a bad situation. It doesn’t mean it’s pleasant, but have strategies in place, many of them subconscious.

People with chronic illnesses have so much to offer a world which doesn’t know whether to be more terrified of social distancing or the virus itself.

Much of the human population is learning lessons many of us have grappled with for years – what if this wonderful chronic illness community could be part of their solace? I’ll be reposting many of my old posts – maybe they’ll provide some insight for someone new?

Chronic illness community – my plea is that you share what you know generously and show understanding to those who are struggling to cope. Be kind to yourself in the ways you know how to – you’ll be an example to your ‘well friends’ of how to live a wonderful life within limits you did not choose.


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