Making the most of the good times

Life has been easier for the past three weeks and in a strange way, I am finding I can be grateful for the rubbish couple of months that came before. I’m able to savour and enjoy experiences that little bit more.

So what have I been up to? Nothing wild to most, but for me they have been wonderful, memory-laden adventures.

I took Tiny to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, having realised we had a completely free day. She will go to preschool in January (waaaah!) so I want to make the most of those precious hours we spend together. When she is being two and driving me nuts, I have to remember that this time is treasure!

We had so much fun catching the train together, eating in the little cafe and enjoying the bits and pieces on show at her pace.

My other adventure was a bike ride. I hadn’t ridden a bike since having RA and was really quite nervous about it. But the Husband loves a bit of mountain biking and I would love to be able to share it with him. After some encouragement, I borrowed a shiny blue bike from a friend and went for a short family pootle in a local country park. We were joined by my brother and sister-in-law and their kids, and it was just a perfect morning.

My hips and wrists did scream a bit, but the feeling of being fast and free was totally worth it. And joining in with everyone else felt wonderful.

It has made me think about how I can find ways to overcome the challenges rather than just thinking, “There’s no way I can do that.” I felt like I had challenged my body for the first time in years. I was very tired the next day, but I was so pleased to have done it.

These two expeditions have encouraged me to think about how I can challenge myself in other ways, particularly while my body is behaving itself a bit more!

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