The sad demise of nap time

My amazing two-year old (Tiny) dropped her nap this summer. This is great – it makes days out easier, we have more flexibility and she is asleep at bedtime within minutes.

But at the moment, boy, do I miss those naps! I am having what I’d call a ‘mini flare’, with joints that are just-a-bit-sore. I am finding fatigue a challenge – I am so tired, most of the time.

Now that it’s gone, I realise how valuable that quiet time just after lunch was for me. I had an hour or two when whatever I needed was the only thing I had to think about – whether that was to have a sleep or get some jobs done. If I was doing well, I could have a super-productive work time or blitz the cleaning. If I wasn’t, I could recharge for the school run and any after school activities.

I adore Tiny, but am finding it hard not having a break from the need to entertain this very sociable little person. This afternoon, at her request (demand) I got on the floor to do a puzzle (sitting on the sofa and doing it doesn’t show enough commitment). After a few minutes I ended up lying down on the carpet and couldn’t keep my eyes open. “NO MUMMY! WAKE UP!”

When my health isn’t great and I don’t want to do much, the days seem so long for both of us and I know Tiny gets bored. So I’m trying to think of ways to be better equipped for these times. I do sometimes put on the TV, but it often makes me feel guilty that I’m using the screen as a babysitter. Part of the issue is that Tiny doesn’t really do playing on her own. She loves people and she wants me to be engaged in everything she does, which is lovely but exhausting.

Any suggestions welcome!

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